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4 Ideas to Get More Involved in Your Child’s Development

As a parent, you play a crucial role in your child’s development and academic success. While teachers and daycare providers assist with early childhood learning, your active involvement at home makes the biggest difference. From creative activities to open communication, use these tips to become more engaged in your child’s growth. Let’s dive into easy ways to help your little one thrive.

1. Read Together Every Day

Make reading part of your daily routine. Set aside 15 minutes to read with your child, taking turns talking about the illustrations. Pause and ask questions about what’s happening in the story. Reading together strengthens vocabulary, literacy skills, and parent-child bonding. Just reading a few pages a day stimulates your child’s mind.

2. Get Creative With Learning

Inject early childhood learning into everyday moments. Count items as you tidy up or compare sizes while cooking. Use coloring time to go over shapes and colors. Put on music and have a dance party to get wiggles out. Take learning outside by going on a nature walk and collecting leaves. Your child will absorb new concepts through these creative activities.

3. Talk About Each School Day

After school, avoid simply asking “How was your day?” Instead, ask specific questions about what they did, learned, ate, played, etc. Focus the conversation on school experiences so your child knows it’s important to you. Discuss things your child enjoyed, ideas that were challenging, and how you can turn lessons into fun practice at home. This dialogue reinforces academic concepts.

4. Meet Your Child’s Teachers

Introduce yourself to your child’s teachers and communicate regularly. Ask how your child is progressing socially and academically. Inform teachers about your child’s interests and strengths. When teachers have context about your family, they can provide personalized support. Collaborating with teachers ensures you’re both working to help your child flourish.

Being an active participant in your child’s education leads to greater academic success down the road. According to News Direct, following the Covid-19 pandemic, 70% of parents have concerns about the social skills of their child. Use these simple techniques to reinforce early childhood learning at home. Reading together, getting creative with activities, discussing school days, and connecting with teachers will keep you involved. Don’t underestimate the power of parental engagement to positively shape your child’s development. Tour our early childhood learning centers, schools and Head Start Center to learn how we can help your child.

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