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    Collect Required Documents for ALL Students

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    Click on the application tab

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    Please complete the application online and upload the supporting documents, or download and complete the fillable application and bring it to your district school, early learning center or Head Start. Please bring copies of the required documents.

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    Please contact the Washington Parish School System if you are not certain of your school district. Please contact Head Start and our early learning centers to set up appointments regarding placement and services for children aged birth to three.

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    Families will be informed of enrollment status as soon as determinations are completed.

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    All children (four years old prior to Sept.30th) residing in the Washington Parish School District can attend prekindergarten at no cost to their families after they complete the application process.


I want my child to go to school with his older cousins, but I am not sure I live in that school district. How do I know which school I should apply to for prekindergarten?
My child won't be four years old until October. Can he attend public school prekindergarten?
I have a baby. Are there any places that can care for her when I am in school and working?
I want my two year old twins to attend Head Start. What should I do?
My sister's children attend a wonderful childcare / learning center. How do apply there for my baby?
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