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Common Concerns About Child Growth and Development

Seeing your child grow and develop is an incredible experience as a parent, but it’s natural to have some worries along the way, too. According to News Direct, 70% of parents are concerned about their child’s social skills after the pandemic, and many parents have other concerns as well. Here are a few common concerns parents have about their child’s growth and development.

Growth and Sizing

As a parent, you want reassurance that your child is growing properly. Pediatricians track height and weight at regular check-ups. They plot measurements on growth charts to make sure your child follows a steady curve. As long as your pediatrician says their growth is on target, no need to stress! Genetics play a big role in size. Focus on healthy nutrition and habits without obsessing over numbers. Opt for early learning programs that provide meals and snacks that are nutritious for your child.


Wondering why your toddler isn’t chatting up a storm yet? Every child develops speech at their own pace. As long as your child makes progress and can communicate their needs somehow, try not to compare to others. Increase reading time together and narrate your day to expand their language exposure. Check in with your preschool services to track their educational progress as well. Early learning for infants and toddlers can be just what your child needs to boost their speech development.

Meeting Milestones

It’s easy to worry if your baby isn’t rolling over or walking at the same time as their peers. However, remember that milestone timelines are wide ranges and account for normal variation. Focus less on age and more on the sequence of progress. As long as your child gains new skills in the expected order, they are on track. If certain milestones are significantly delayed, discuss it with your pediatrician and your preschool services. Your child’s early learning programs may be able to help promote certain activities to help your child work on their skills.

Your child’s growth and development are important, and it’s understandable to be concerned now and again. Fortunately, there are ways you can ensure your child is growing at just the right pace. With early learning centers, you can ensure your child gets any extra support they need to continue growing and developing properly. For more information about early learning programs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Washington Ready Start Early Childhood Network! Our programs have everything your child needs to learn and grow.

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