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How a Preschool Education Can Foster Creativity in Your Child

It’s never too early to start formal education. That’s why more parents are opting for preschool instead of waiting until kindergarten. Giving your child this early education is a major step in fostering creativity that can carry them throughout the rest of their life and help them enjoy school even more. In fact, according to Psychology Today, children who demonstrate creativity at age seven typically have more lucrative careers as adults. Encouraging your child to be creative at an even younger age will help set them up for success later in life. Here is how preschool education can encourage childhood creativity.

Painting and Drawing

It’s easy for children to express themselves with art. From drawing to finger painting, kids can use colors and pencils to express how they interpret things they see in the world around them. They can also draw things from their imagination. As they develop their language skills, they can combine it with art to further tell a story. Before children can form full sentences and build their vocabulary, they always have art as a way to say things that they can’t verbally express yet.


Children have a great deal of energy and enjoy playing. However, playtime isn’t just useless fun for kids. Play allows children to learn about the world and start acting things out. Socializing with other kids through play helps them understand the concept of teamwork. As they get used to working together as a team from a young age, creative collaboration will continue to be easy as they get older.


Storytelling in early education goes beyond the teacher reading a book to the child. Between playtime and art, children can learn to tell their own stories. They can make up stories in their head or think of a character they like and create scenarios. Storytelling and its creativity can be further enhanced with music.

Music and Dance

Music is fun for any age. As children understand the concept of music, they can also make up their own songs. They can use music to express things they’re learning, such as letters, numbers, colors, animals, and more.

Allowing children to be creative is part of cognitive and physical development. The way they express themselves with art, storytelling, music, and dance can help them hit developmental milestones. By enrolling your children in preschool education, you’re helping them set off on a strong creative path they can carry into different and more advanced subjects. For quality preschool education your child can benefit from, contact Washington Parish Ready Start Early Childhood Network for a school visit!

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