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What Sets Learning Centers Apart From Standard Daycares?

Early learning sets your child up for success. So, where should your child go for that type of learning? Daycare facilities and learning centers cater to children not old enough for school. Learning centers are the better options to boost your child’s education. You’ll understand why those establishments are more conducive to learning by continuing with the rest of this article.


The biggest difference between learning centers and daycare facilities is evident in their priorities. Although learning can take place at a daycare facility, the establishment doesn’t necessarily have to prioritize that. Most daycare facilities focus on caring for children and keeping them happy using toys and games.

Simply put, your child is not guaranteed to learn anything at a daycare facility. Education is more of a bonus at those facilities instead of serving as the main offering. If you’re interested in pursuing early education for your child, you must enroll them in a learning center.

Learning centers allow young kids to study and grow within structured environments through various avenues such as play. They can also participate in lessons and activities that will prepare them for more complex lessons. Since only one facility emphasizes education, it should be obvious where your child needs to go for early learning.


According to iPaintMyMind, students with access to art lessons are five times less likely to flunk out of school. Other educational programs designed to engage children in ways that go beyond the basic curriculum are similarly helpful. Typically, you’ll have to wait until your child is in elementary school to access those programs. That’s not the case if you enroll them in a learning center.

Most learning centers offer various materials and media designed to help with a well-rounded education. Aside from learning about math and science, your child can also pick up art skills very early because you sent them to a learning center. Those early experiences can also help your child determine their desired educational path. You can give them a sense of what they want from their education so they can pursue it later with greater passion and more effort.

Understanding the differences between daycare and learning centers is critical if you’re interested in securing early education for your child. Recognizing those differences will let you know which establishment is actually equipped to provide education. Get in touch with us today, and let us handle your child’s early learning!

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