The Importance of Having Access to Arts Education

Most parents will agree that they want their child to have a good education. Even at the preschool level, parents are concerned that their child is receiving a strong foundation in learning. However, many people overlook the importance of the arts in that educational approach. According to IPaintMyMind, students who have access to arts education are five times less likely to drop out of school. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of arts education in school.

Increases School Engagement and Reduces Stress

At times, school can be stressful for children even at the preschool level. This can sometimes result in students who don’t wish to attend school at all. Through arts education, this problem can be mitigated. Students often find art classes to be fun and relaxing and, this can translate into creating a motivation for students to come to school each day. Plus, it gives them a relaxing break from the parts of school that feel stressful. In time, this can improve a child’s entire school experience.

Improves Skills

Many art programs are collaborative. School band, chorus, and many types of visual arts will have a strong focus on working as a group. This can help students to improve their communication and social-emotional development. For students who struggle with the social aspect of school, art classes and programs often provide the safe space they need where they feel they can express themselves without judgment. This can be crucial to creating a positive school experience.

Creates Enriching Experiences

When school is reduced to only academics, it can quickly become monotonous. This is not beneficial to a child’s neurological development. Children need a variety of different types of experiences. Arts education is always providing something different and exciting to a child’s day. This variety can help children stay engaged and excited about their school experience.

Provides Arena Constructive Criticism

Learning how to handle constructive criticism is vital to healthy development. When learning the arts, a person is always being challenged to improve, create, and think differently. This provides a constant arena for the individual to experience constructive criticism and learn how to apply it in a healthy productive way.

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