On the Fence About Enrolling in Early Childhood Education? We’re Here to Convince You!

If you’re considering enrolling your child in an early childhood learning center or school-based pre-kindergarten program, you’re on the right path! The early years of a child’s education are crucial to their developmental success since this is the time to create a foundation that can’t be replaced. Here are some reasons to consider preschool for your child.

Preschools Help Prepare Children for Kindergarten

More demands are placed on children at a younger age, and an early childhood learning center or school-based pre-kindergarten program is a great way to get ahead of the game. Children will learn critical communication and social skills to give them an edge in school. They will also understand the basics of reading and math to provide them with the building blocks to be successful in school.

Preschools Are Structured

Young children thrive on structure, and it helps them understand the correct way to interact with others. Preschool classrooms are designed to promote social interaction with lots of open play and activity. Preschool routines can help young children adapt and transition easily to the demands of school when they start.

Children Learn Responsibility in Preschool

As children understand how to care for themselves and others, it promotes positive self-esteem and self-worth. They also learn valuable skills like cleaning their personal space, taking turns, and learning how to respond to failure. These are all critical milestones children will need to succeed in school and life.

Children Develop Language and Thinking Skills in Preschool

An early childhood learning center or school-based pre-kindergarten program is the best spot for your child to expand their language and vocabulary. Children’s vocabulary expands by thousands of words in the preschool years. Teachers who incorporate higher-order questioning challenge children to grow their vocabulary and thinking skills. Many preschool activities are hands-on to develop critical thinking skills and teach difficult concepts like floating and sinking.

Enrolling children in preschool is a popular option, and according to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2020, about 55% of children ages three to five were enrolled in school. Clearly, the majority of people agree that it’s a great way to propel your kids to success. There are several advantages to starting your child in an early childhood learning center. Check out our website to learn more about how to get started!

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